New York City 
                 Uniformed Firefighters Association
               Celebrity Golf Benefit
Village Club at Lake Success
                       June 23, 2003

                       Benefiting: UFA Scholarship Fund

  mayor signing.jpg (1104154 bytes)Mayor Bloomberg checks in and signs some memorabilia 
honorees & mayor.jpg (962488 bytes)Mayor Bloomberg along with Ed Burke talk with this Honorees mayor & Guy.jpg (951852 bytes)Mayor Bloomberg talks with retired firefighter Guy Warren
mayor talking.jpg (1148930 bytes)Mayor Bloomberg talks with retired football player for the New York Jets John Schmitt and Jerry Orbach from the TV show Law and Order caddy kids.jpg (1191414 bytes)Mayor Bloomberg posses with the Caddy Kids before the tournament
Hollyfield & Burke.jpg (911991 bytes)Former Heavyweight Champion of the World Evander Holyfield is greeted by Ed Burke jaws signing.jpg (1004737 bytes)Ron Jaworski, former Quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles and now excelling in Broadcasting field for ESPN checks in and signs some memorabilia
Rosen signing.jpg (1156243 bytes)Sam Rosen, a 31 year veteran of the broadcasting industry, checks in and signs some memorabilia holyfield swinging.jpg (1419423 bytes)Evander Holyfield shows his form
Orbach, Jaworski, Holyfield.jpg (1231926 bytes)(L-R) Jerry Orbach, Ron Jaworski and Evander Holyfield orbach putting.jpg (1224472 bytes)Jerry Orbach misses his birdie putt as his teammates look on
Rosen putting.jpg (1133091 bytes)Sam Rosen attempts a birdie putt jaws congrats.jpg (1067823 bytes)Ron Jaworski congratulates his teammate for a birdie putt
Boyle & Ielpi.jpg (986347 bytes)Jimmy Boyle and Lee Ielpi speak at the awards dinner  honorees.jpg (954764 bytes)Ed Burke introduces the honorees Jules Naudet, Gedeon Naudet and James Hanlon. To learn more about the honorees click here

A  Special Thanks for the Ladies of the Event Committee




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