Howie Long Grid-Iron Golf Classic  
 Philmont Country Club, Huntingdon Valley, Pa. 

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                Howie Long.jpg (77551 bytes)                  Chris Long.jpg (74679 bytes)                   Rollie.jpg (78472 bytes)                  Joe Makiod.jpg (88479 bytes)
               Howie Long                  Chris Long                Rollie Massimino               Joe Makoid
                                                 (Howie's son)                 

Howie Long 2.jpg (110203 bytes) (L-R) Howie Long, former All-Pro Lineman for the Oakland Raiders and who will be inducted into the Football Hall of Fame this year, Jim O'Connor, Ford Motor Company President and Rollie Massimino, former Head Coach of the Collegiate National Basketball Champions Villanova Wildcats  just missed a birdie attempt during the tournament.

         Howie Long 1.jpg (109446 bytes)

                   (L-R) Howie Long, Chris Long (Howie's son) and Rollie Massimino try to get it close to the pin for an easy putt.           


John Mastronardo.jpg (59646 bytes)

John Mastronardo, Villanova Alumni, tries to sink a birdie putt as his team members look on.                 


 Katharine Roberts Swing.jpg (78670 bytes)Katharine Roberts.jpg (86307 bytes)
Katharine Roberts, who wrote a book on how Yoga can improve your golf game, shows her form and help the participants stretch before the Howie Long Grid-Iron Golf Classic.



Rick Bongiovanni & Howie.jpg (87512 bytes)(L-R) Rick Bongiovanni, President of the  Blue White Club, presents a painting to Howie Long  during the awards dinner after the tournament.  


Cathy Makoid & Diane Long.jpg (78739 bytes)(L-R) Cathy Makoid and Diane Long, Howie's wife, raised over $6,000 for the Blue White Club with the sales of their book "He's Just My Dad"

Congratulation to Howie Long on being the youngest player ever inducted into the Football Hall of Fame

Howie & Rollie.jpg (92449 bytes)Howie and Rollie Massimino Howie & TV camera.jpg (97709 bytes)Howie getting interviewed
Catherine & Mickey.jpg (62313 bytes)Mickey Sokalski,head professional at Philmont Country Club and Katharine Roberts, who wrote a book on how Yoga can improve your golf game Howie's foursome.jpg (116424 bytes)Howie's foursome
Howie par 3.jpg (115402 bytes)Howie's tee shot on a par three howie putting with rollie.jpg (62541 bytes)Howie putting for birdie as Rollie watches
Howie closest to pin.jpg (84793 bytes)Looks like this one is out of here Howie at mic.jpg (94460 bytes)Howie during the dinner
2 beers b.jpg (72925 bytes)I think he made the putt Howie recieving present.jpg (113001 bytes)Howie accepting an award
Howie receiving putter.jpg (114950 bytes)what kind of putter is this? Howie & Scholarship winner.jpg (89931 bytes)Howie with the scholarship winner


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