Gold Heart Ball

February 19, 2005
Hyatt Regency at Pennís Landing
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Honoring: Philadelphia Eagles' David Akers


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Img_3423.jpg.a.jpg (1743036 bytes)Singer Timmy Kelly and David Akers Img_3435.jpg.a.jpg (2412089 bytes)David Akers, District Attorney Lynn Abraham and ACME President Carl Jablonski
Img_3445.jpg.a.jpg (1904297 bytes)

Master of Ceremonies from WPVI Channel 6 Jessica Borg
Img_3449.jpg.a.jpg (1803083 bytes)Timmy Kelly sings the National Anthem 
Img_3473.jpg.a.jpg (1640040 bytes)Gold Heart Ball Chairman and President of ACME Markets Carl Jablonski Img_3484.jpg.a.jpg (1578195 bytes)

Variety's President John Dougherty
Img_3493.jpg.a.jpg (1891813 bytes)Damon Broaddus and his mother Alisha Broaddus receive a chair from Variety the Children's Charity Img_3512.jpg.a.jpg (1967143 bytes)Regal Cinema presents a check for $50,000 to Variety the Children's Charity
Img_3528.jpg.a.jpg (1703707 bytes)David Akers and Carl Jablonski share a few laughs during the Gold Heart Ball Img_3538.jpg.a.jpg (2016190 bytes)

David Akers with Timmy Kelly and Rocco Fiorentino
Img_3541.jpg.a.jpg (1935878 bytes)David Akers, winner of the Gold Heart Award for his selfless dedication to the cause of improving the quality of life of children, primarily those with special needs Img_3545.jpg.a.jpg (1878991 bytes)David Akers gives his acceptance speech
Img_3557.jpg.a.jpg (1896854 bytes)David Akers gives his acceptance speech Img_3575.jpg.a.jpg (1737949 bytes)David Akers gives his acceptance speech
Img_3551.jpg.a.jpg (1878206 bytes)Carl Jablonski leads the crowd in singing the Eagles Fight Song "Fly Eagles Fly" Img_3593.jpg.a.jpg (2029025 bytes)

David Akers and Josh Friedman

Img_3600.jpg.a.jpg (1925945 bytes) 

Variety President John Dougherty and David Akers
Img_3612.jpg.a.jpg (2121296 bytes)
Rocco Fiorentino sings a couple of songs for the audience 
Img_3629.jpg.a.jpg (2380761 bytes)Rocco Fiorentino sings a couple of songs for the audience  Img_3605.jpg.a.jpg (2183968 bytes)Susan Green, Dan Burke and Executive Director of Variety Andrew Pack
Img_3634.jpg.a.jpg (2524555 bytes)

Phillies announcer Harry Kalas takes charge of the Auction

Img_3643.jpg.a.jpg (1854711 bytes)

Harry Kalas meets the artist of the painting that made over $1,000 for the charity, Josh Friedman


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