February 21, 2004
Hyatt Regency at Pennís Landing
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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6.jpg (1574703 bytes)Former Variety Club President Vince Mariniello and Susan Green 12.jpg (1385478 bytes) Second from the left, Variety Club President John Dougherty with some of his friends
16.jpg (1375692 bytes)D. A. Lynne Abraham and Variety Club President John Dougherty 1.jpg (1183462 bytes)John Sweeney and Fire Commissioner Harold Hairston
10.jpg (2238844 bytes)Master of Ceremonies, Michele McCormack from Channel 6 WPVI-TV and Sarah Gaudioso 14.jpg (1836030 bytes)(L-R) Michele McCormack's son Sean and Timmy Kelly are introduced to each other
18.jpg (1677262 bytes)Gold Heart Ball Chairman, Louis Applebaum, addresses the audience  20.jpg (2358547 bytes)Master of Ceremonies, Michele McCormack from Channel 6 WPVI-TV
30.jpg (1656598 bytes)Tim Kelly opens the ceremonies with a fantastic version of "God Bless America"as Michele McCormack and John Dougherty look on. 33.jpg (1770904 bytes)Tim Kelly's dad helps Tim accept a stunning round of applause from the audience.
36.jpg (2318864 bytes)Variety Club Family, Maria Caballero and her son Anthony address the audience. 39.jpg (1658227 bytes)Anthony has a few laughs with his mom 
42.jpg (1773549 bytes)Michele McCormack introduces Carl Jablonski to the audience by singing the ACME Markets theme song 43.jpg (1574429 bytes)Carl Jablonski, winner of the Gold Heart Award for his selfless dedication to the cause of improving the quality of life of children, primarily those with special needs
51.jpg (1795178 bytes)Josh Friedman, Rachel Shandler and Michele McCormack 53.jpg (1131161 bytes)Andy Reid surprises Michele with his awnser when ask what he would like to do when he gets older. His response was play football for the Minnasota Vikings, not the Philadelphia Eagles!
61.jpg (1331914 bytes)Michele has a few laughs with Tim Kelly before he performs for the audience. 62.jpg (1152871 bytes)Tim sings for the audience as the children of Variety Club look on
65.jpg (1988662 bytes)Tim was a crowd favorite during the banquit 67.jpg (1276338 bytes)Rachel Shandler and Michele McCormack share a few laughs
69.jpg (1543006 bytes)Tim Kelly and Michele McCormack have a good time on the dance floor 72.jpg (1292842 bytes)Rachel Shandler on the dance floor
78.jpg (1674551 bytes)Melissa Freeman, Andy Reid and unknown dancer on the dance floor having fun Img_0278.jpg (382248 bytes)(L-R)  Volunteers Nancy Daly and Marcel Williams with a couple of friends


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