Front row: Mike Ditka, Marshall Faulk, Bobby Bell, Sterling Sharpe, Julius "Dr. J" Erving
Back row: Rich Gannon, Joe Theismann, Ron Jaworski, Jeremiah Trotter, Shelton Quarles

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Img_8533.jpg (227260 bytes) Bobby Bell and Joe Theismann Img_8534.jpg (219187 bytes)Marshall Faulk and Streling Sharpe Img_8675.jpg (234907 bytes)Timmy Kelly, Ron Jaworski and Marshall Faulk
Img_8695.jpg (252808 bytes)Ron Jaworski, Joe Theismann and Rich Gannon 8761 sample.jpg (208982 bytes)Mike Ditka Img_8684.jpg (268663 bytes)Rich Gannon, Ron Jaworski and Sterling Sharpe
Img_8679.jpg (232433 bytes)Defending Champions: Carl Jablonski and Sterling Sharpe Img_8712.jpg (196187 bytes)Ron Jaworski Img_8734.jpg (172799 bytes)Carl Jablonski
Img_8798.jpg (164127 bytes)Julius "Dr. J" Erving Img_9462.jpg (136548 bytes)Suzy Kolber Img_8874.jpg (176310 bytes)Bobby Bell
Img_8869.jpg (181568 bytes)Joe Theismann and Ron Jaworski Img_8972.jpg (158338 bytes)PGA Official and George Beim tournament Director Img_8979.jpg (217024 bytes)Ron Jaworski
Img_8880.jpg (187330 bytes)Joe Theismann Img_9447.jpg (141635 bytes)Jeremiah Trotter Img_9525.jpg (147578 bytes)Jon Runyan
Img_8938.jpg (216917 bytes)Shelton Quarles Img_9084.jpg (158182 bytes)Marshall Faulk Img_8994.jpg (252551 bytes)Joe Theismann
Img_9020.jpg (210504 bytes)Julius "Dr. J" Erving Img_9052.jpg (159911 bytes)Mike Ditka Img_9076.jpg (166730 bytes)Ron Jaworski
Img_9010.jpg (175086 bytes)Shelton Quarles Img_9046.jpg (171505 bytes)Julius "Dr. J" Erving Img_9123.jpg (208366 bytes)Mike Ditka and Ron Jaworski
Img_9106.jpg (178333 bytes)Ron Jaworski and his playing partner Roger Ladd Img_9131.jpg (206331 bytes)The Final Four Ken Kochenour, Mike Ditka, Marshall Faulk and Charles Geib Img_9177.jpg (216938 bytes)Check presentation by Carl Jablonski, Ron Jaworski and Walt Rubel to the winning team of Mike Ditka and Ken Kochenour


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