Img_7763.jpg.a.jpg (679389 bytes)(L-R} Joe Theismann, Carl Jablonski and Sterling Sharpe

Img_7787.jpg.a.jpg (516124 bytes)Dr. J  hits some balls before the Shoot-Out

Img_8006.jpg.a.jpg (816019 bytes)Front Row (L-R} Bryan Cox, Joe Theismann, Sterling Sharpe, Julius Erving. Back Row: {L-R} Marshal Faulk, Tony Siragusa, Joe Pisarcik, Ron Jaworski, Jeremiah Trotter, Bruce Smith
Img_7850.jpg.a.jpg (905085 bytes)Timmy Kelly sings the National Anthem  Img_7856.jpg.a.jpg (721492 bytes)Joe Theismann, Ron Jaworski and Bruce Smith congratulate Timmy Kelly for a nice job singing the National Anthem Img_7867.jpg.a.jpg (537092 bytes)Brian Cox and Julius Erving have a few laughs before the Shoot-Out
Img_7882.jpg.a.jpg (614450 bytes)

Tony Siragusa and Bruce Smith

Img_7872.jpg.a.jpg (618979 bytes)


Marshall Faulk

Img_7887.jpg.a.jpg (579899 bytes)Tony Siragusa and Bryan Cox
Img_7902.jpg.a.jpg (242142 bytes)

Ron Jaworski and the MetLife blimp

Img_7971.jpg.a.jpg (647894 bytes)

Joe Pisarcik tries to help his putt go in

Img_7987.jpg.a.jpg (392945 bytes)


Bruce Smith

Img_8091.jpg.a.jpg (610748 bytes)


Sterling Sharpe

Img_8008.jpg.a.jpg (651995 bytes)


Ron Jaworski

Img_8024.jpg.a.jpg (582054 bytes)


Tony Siragusa

Img_8042.jpg.a.jpg (674013 bytes)

Ron Jaworski discusses strategy with his son BJ 

Img_8057.jpg.a.jpg (642627 bytes)


Sterling Sharpe

Img_7963.jpg.a.jpg (712103 bytes)Curt Allen discusses strategy with his playing partner Jeremiah Trotter
Img_8082.jpg.b.jpg (657288 bytes)Ron Jaworski putting Img_8072.jpg.a.jpg (702402 bytes)Joe Theismann chipping Img_7992.jpg.b.jpg (613932 bytes)Marshall Faulk
Img_8103.jpg.a.jpg (415282 bytes)


Marshall Faulk

Img_8131.jpg.a.jpg (737603 bytes)


Sterling Sharpe

Img_8129.jpg.a.jpg (881841 bytes)Carl Jablonski, President of ACME Markets
Img_8136.jpg.a.jpg (624684 bytes)


Julius Erving

Img_8176.jpg.a.jpg (575972 bytes)

Julius Erving discusses a ruling with Atlantic City Country Club's director of golf 

Img_8249.jpg.b.jpg (615316 bytes)

Jeremiah "The Axeman" Trotter misses his putt

Img_8202.jpg.a.jpg (586334 bytes)

Marshall Faulk

Img_8263.jpg.a.jpg (777389 bytes)The final two teams (L-R) Mike Hagen and Ron Jaworski. Sterling Sharpe and Carl Jabloski Img_8326.jpg.b.jpg (755653 bytes)Ron Jaworski presents the winning check to the team of Sterling Sharpe and Carl Jablonski along with Walt Rubel of ACME Markets

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