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jaworski.jpg (430037 bytes)Ron Jaworski

brady.jpg (510286 bytes)Tom Brady, New England Patriots Quarterback and Super Bowl 36 MVP, tees off
jaworski,sharpe.jpg (1605476 bytes) Ron Jaworski and Sterling Sharpe
jablonski, theismann.jpg (368117 bytes)Carl Jablonski and Joe Theismann jaws high five.jpg (605356 bytes) Ron and playing partner mc mahon & boy.jpg (591814 bytes) Shoeless Jim McMahon and a fan
mc mahon ding.jpg (575118 bytes) Jim McMahon mc mahon teeshot.jpg (539723 bytes) Jim McMahon mc mahon, caddy.jpg (365166 bytes) Jim, Caddie and playing partner
mc mahon, jaworski.jpg (504050 bytes) Jim and Ron mc mahon.jpg (778823 bytes) Jim  pisarcik.jpg (411136 bytes) Joe Pisarcik
quick, mc mahon, jaworski.jpg (526526 bytes) Mike Quick, Jim and Ron quick.jpg (516755 bytes) Mike Quick sharpe.jpg (205704 bytes) Sterling Sharpe
siragusa teeshot.jpg (559336 bytes) Tony Siragusa siragusa,trotter,strahan.jpg (480275 bytes) Tony, Jeremiah Trotter and Michael Strahan siragusa.jpg (495194 bytes) Tony
strahan, brady.jpg (474100 bytes) Michael Strahan and Tom Brady strahan, theismann.jpg (517327 bytes) Jim, Michael,Joe and Ron strahan.jpg (539688 bytes) Michael Strahan
theismann putt.jpg (652140 bytes) Joe Theismann theismann teeshot.jpg (476700 bytes) Joe theismann teeshot1.jpg (511666 bytes) Joe
theismann, jaworski.jpg (498532 bytes) Joe and Ron trotter, jaworski.jpg (441205 bytes) Jeremiah and Ron trotter.jpg (547190 bytes) Jeremiah Trotter
winning putt.jpg (500664 bytes) Winning Putt by Curt Allen winning check.jpg (520580 bytes) Second from the left Carl  Jablonski, Pres.of ACME Markets, Ron Jaworski, and (R)Walt Rubel  of ACME Markets with the Champions of the 2003 Acme Celebrity Shoot-Out, Curt Allen and Jeremiah Trotter winning team.jpg (1123459 bytes) (R) Sterling Sharpe Captain of the 2003 Pro/Am winning team  

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